This place has it all. Trophyseekers Worldwide has the experienced Canadian outfitters to bring it all to you, and turn your hunting "dreams and goals" into reality. From Northwestern BC, the Northwest Territories and the Kootenays of Southeastern BC through the Prairie Provinces of southern Canada east to Quebec and across the North Atlantic to the island province of Newfoundland, our outfitters offer hunts for four species of caribou, three species of moose, sheep and deer.some of the best trophy mule deer and whitetail hunting on elk, mountain goat, grizzly, four color phases of black bear, cougar, wolf and lynx. It's all here, and we can and will put you right smack in the middle of it, with experienced guides and on high-success hunts.

The beauty of hunting Canada is that there are no licensing deadlines to cope with. Tags are guaranteed when you book the hunt, and are available for purchase right up until your hunt begins, making even last minute bookings possible. On several of our hunts, the cost of license and tags is included in the price of the hunt. And don't believe all the horror stories you've heard about getting rifles into Canada. It's just a matter of filling out a simple form at the border, before you clear customs if you fly, verifying your rifle's serial number and paying a minimal fee. Check out our Canadian hunting options. There is literally something for everyone.

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