About Us

Trophyseekers Worldwide, Inc. has been a leader in the hunting community for over twentyfive years.  Over the past 2 1/2 Decades we have been at the forefront in locating new and exciting hunting destinations, identifying and representing the most talented, dedicated and capable outfitters, those best suited to not only meeting, but exceeding the expectations of our clients on the worldwide hunting scene.  And we do this in a few very simple yet specific ways.

  • Extensive Research–For every outfitter we represent, we have researched dozens upon dozens who failed to cut the mustard.  This research processs however is a must if a Hunting Consultant is to provide its clients with the very best possible hunt options and provide them with the absolute best chance for success.  This research also requires that we invest the time and financial resources to visit our outfitters.  To that end, TW Staff has visited over 85% of the outfitters and Safari Companies we represent…and we are constantly working on the remaining 15%.  Do all Hunting Consultants do this?  Not by a long shot!  This process takes time and money.  Many less committed consultants are not willing to expend even the former, much less the latter.
  • Personalized Full Service Client Care–All TW clients receive our dedicated, personal service.  We treat your hunt as if it were our own!  One of our most important functions is matching you and your hunting goals to the right location and the right outfitter.  We can help you plan what gear to bring (including proper weapon selection), how to prepare yourself physically and mentally, and provide insights on what to expect when you get there.  Furthermore we have industry professionals to help you with the logistics of getting you there and back…and if you like, to assist you with planning and transport of your trophies back home to your specified tannery or taxidermist as you wish.
  •  Continuing The Search–One thing we at TW never stop is the search for the next “super star” of the hunting industry!…the next “best value” for the client’s hunting dollar…that previously undiscovered destination with exceptional trophy quality, at a fair and reasonable price.  This is how we continue to add to our growing client base, as well as how we sustain a 60%–70% repeat booking rate among our existing clients.  It is this on-going search that keeps us in the field, our finger on the pulse of the global hunting community, and ahead of virtually every other hunting consultant in this business.  Visit our website regularly.  You never know when one of these new gems will turn up!  Regular visits will also allow you to take advantage of special pricing on new, as well as discounted and cancellation hunts.
  • TW Services Cost Our Clients Nothing–This elite hunting network, decades of experience, access to the best hunting destinations and outfitters in the industry, and all the services we provide from the very first planning stages through trophy transport, tanning and mounting…as much or as little as you wish…are provided at ZERO cost to our clients.  We can help you make all your hunting goals a reality, with experienced professionals who will help you choose wisely and get you the best value for your hard-earned hunting dollars.

Check out our options across the globe here on our website.  Our experienced, hard working collection of outfitters, guides and PH’s will go a long way to putting you smack in the middle of one of those “hero shots” we all see so often on TV and in our favorite hunting magazines.  That can be you…And we can help!