The most critical steps in planning a hunt, are deciding where to go and selecting an outfitter.  Making an informed decision here requires  research, and lots of it.  With an experienced, ethical hunting consultant, that has already been done for you.  It takes years of  experience and research to find the best, game rich locations and to assemble a collection of hard working, qualified outfitters committed to their clients.   Nearly 30 years in the hunting industry has enabled Trophyseekers Worldwide  Inc. to do just that.  This enables us to match you, on a personal level, with the outfitter best suited to you and your hunting goals.


It seems today that everyone with a TV show is a hunting consultant or booking agent…Really??  Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.  Much of the time, the outfitters they represent have not been “vetted’ at all…They are merely the outfitters that provide them with free or drastically discounted hunts in exchange for TV exposure.  Look for an agent who has been in the hunting industry for some time, one with a proven track record who offers services in all phases of the hunt.  If he or she is a full service agent, and those services cost you nothing, you are on the right track.  Having such a company in your corner will go a long way toward insuring your hunting experience is both rewarding and successful.


  • Quality, Highly Skilled & Successful Outfitters:

No matter where your next trip takes you…Maybe trophy whitetails in the Midwest or the Prairie Provinces of Canada, Africa for the Big 5 or Australia for water buffalo, we have the best collection of Outfitters and Professional Hunters found anywhere.

  • Trophy Rich Hunting Destinations:

Our success over nearly three decades is directly linked to our ability to locate both unspoiled wilderness and well managed private hunting destinations that are rich in game numbers and high end trophy animals.  This “talent” is also a major factor in producing the great success rates enjoyed by our clients season after season.

  • Assistance in All Phases of Trip Planning and Follow-Up:

         Trip logistics…on-schedule arrival at pickup points, gear lists, hotels, trophy shipment.  We are with you from beginning to end if you need us.  The degree to which you use our services is completely up to you.  First timers seem to enjoy having someone to call when they are uncertain of their “next step”.  Experienced traveling hunters often prefer their own methods.  You choose…And our services cost you nothing!

  • Travel  Insurance Tailored to the  Traveling Hunter:

Available on request…Just call Tony at 717-816-9455 or contact him at via email.  We will set it up.

  • Travel Professionals for: Consolidated Airfares, Port of Entry Duties, & Int’l Freight.

Some of the most trusted professionals in the industry…& they will save you money!