Alaska…Whether you are a hunter, fisherman, hiker or merely a lover of the outdoors, if you haven’t been there, you need to go there.  On its face by itself alone, Alaska is worth the price of admission!  But for the hunter and especially for our clients,Trophyseekers Worldwide Inc. (TW) has located some of the best, game-rich destinations this state has to offer.  Add to that TW’s group of outfitters who have strung together season after season of unparalleled client success and satisfaction while garnering industry recognition as some of the most respected, highly professional outfitters and guides in the hunting world and you have a formula that can successfully fulfill just about any hunting goal you may have.  No matter if it is the monster Kodiak Brown Bears from Dead Man’s Bay, or Kodiak’s beautiful Sitka blacktail deer or her record book goats, we have them all.  Elsewhere we offer huge, trophy black bears who roam the inlets and islands off her western coast.  On the Alaskan peninsula and in the mountains of its interior Dall sheep, Alaskan/Yukon moose, interior grizzly, mountain goat, barren ground caribou and wolf can be pursued on high success single-species and combination hunts as seasons and tags permit.

Our Alaskan outfitter’s horseback combination hunts appeal to just about everyone.    All are offered at a base price for one species, with the remaining animals offered on a trophy fee basis…payable  only when the shot is taken.  Success on at least two species, no matter which combination hunt is chosen is very high…approaching or exceeding 90%.  Of course it is incumbent on all clients undertaking one of these mountain hunts that they are prepared both mentally and physically.  Some degree of cardiovascular training is necessary to prepare for a trip to the mountains of Alaska’s interior.  One need not be a marathon runner, but being physically fit will go a long way toward determining the degree of enjoyment and success each client derives from his hunt.

Some popular combination hunts of interest are:

  • Dall Sheep & Moose
  • Moose & Grizzly
  • Dall Sheep & Moose
  • Mountain Goat & Sitka Blacktail
  • Caribou may be added to any combination hunt, but tags are on a draw basis